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ANNA HURD MURDER: 911 call transcript

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The 911 call transcript has been released of the call made by Anthony Mitchell and his mother after the discovery of 16-year-old Anna Hurd's body on a trail at Maplewood's Hillside Park. Mitchell, 17, is charged with his girlfriend's murder.

Before his arrest, Mitchell told FOX 9 he was the one who found Hurd's body and gave police a detailed description of who they should look for. However, according to the charges, investigators say Mitchell changed that story several times.

His mother was the one who called 911 after Anthony came home around 2 a.m. that night, admitting he and Anna had a fight. He left again a couple of hours later and returned hysterical and bloody.


911: Ramsey County 911 what's the emergency? (Loud sobbing heard in background)

FEMALE CALLER: Yes, hang on...(sobbing still heard in background). Um my son's girlfriend left about an hour ago to go to another friend's house.

911: Uh huh

FEMALE CALLER: And she took the trail by our house and she never called to tell us she got there and my son is saying that she's on the trail and that she's hurt. (Hear frantic sobbing in background, someone trying to catch breath, male voice saying "I didn't do...")

911: Did she call -- how does he know?

FEMALE CALLER: He walked, he left to look for her, because he couldn't find her and she wasn't answering her call.

(Sobbing heard, someone trying to catch breath)

911: Okay is that your son crying in the background?

FEMALE CALLER: Yes, he's scared. He went -- she's still on the trail.

911: Which trail?

(Hearing male voice saying "she was dragged into the trees")

FEMALE CALLER: She was dragged into the trees? He said she was dragged into the trees.

911: She was dragged into the trees? He saw that?

FEMALE CALLER: He said he went looking for her because she walked -- she was walking along the trail to go to her friend's house and he's been trying to get a hold of her because she wasn't responding and when he couldn't find her he got scared that she didn't make it over there and he said he got on to the trail and she had been dragged off.

911: On the trail the trail behind your house?

FEMALE CALLER: The trail, it's a ways from our house, it's between, uh, it's off of McKnight Road

911: Huh, let me see McKnight and what?

FEMALE CALLER: lt's on, um, it's in the middle of McKnight Road

911: Okay, if we come there, would your son be able to show us?

FEMALE CALLER: Yup, come to our house, it's on ---- McKnight Road.

911: Okay.

FEMALE CALLER: Please hurry

911: Okay, what is your name please

FEMALE CALLER: My name's --------.

911: And your phone number?


911: Okay, so he actually saw his girlfriend get dragged into the trees?

FEMALE CALLER: No, he went looking for her.

911: I understand that.

FEMALE CALLER: l don't know if he saw it -- did you see her?

911: But why is he saying she got dragged into the trees?

FEMALE CALLER: Because he went looking for her and he found her in the trees

911: He found her in the trees. Okay where is she now?

FEMALE CALLER: She's still there. l don't know. He said he couldn't wake her up, he said he tried to give her CPR,

911: Okay, okay, do we need an ambulance for her the?

FEMALE CALLER: He said he tried to help her, please hurry. Yes

911: Okay hold on let me get connect you to the medical dispatchers.

(phone ringing -- transfers call Fire & Medical dispatcher)

911: Hi we need you guys to go out Maplewood, ---- McKnight.

FIRE: Okay.

911: The caller on the line said the son was looking for the girlfriend who left to go to a friend's house, found her behind on the trail, behind the house, in the tree, unconscious. He's back at, at the house.

FIRE: What do you mean she's in the tree?

FEMALE CALLER: Maam, listen, let me explain this one more time, I've already explained it a couple of times. My son's girlfriend, we bought her a bus ticket today, her mom is waiting for her in Texas.

FIRE: Is she hanging in the tree?

FEMALE CALLER: She's been staying with us, she left tonight.

FIRE: Is she hanging in the tree?

FEMALE CALLER: I don't think she's hanging in the tree. He said it looked like she had been dragged into the trees. He went looking for her because she never showed up at her friend's house.

FIRE: Is she awake?

FEMALE CALLER: l don't think so, he tried to help her.

FIRE: Alright, and is it in back of your house?

FEMALE CALLER: No it's on a trail that's a ways away from our house on her way to her friends.

FIRE: Okay, stay on the phone with me. We're going to send help to you right now. Did anyone go near her?

FEMALE CALLER: He did, he did he was trying to help her, I don't know if he picked her up and was trying to help her

FIRE: How old is she?


FIRE: 16 years old. Can l talk to him?

FEMALE CALLER: You can try, just a second.

FIRE: Sir, we've got help coming to you right now.

MALE CALLER: Okay (said through heavy sobbing)

FIRE: Was she hanging in the tree?

MALE CALLER: No she was dragged into the trees on the ground, her stuff is all over the trail.

FIRE: Okay, was she bleeding or anything like that?

MALE CALLER: Yes, it's all over my hands because l tried to give her CPR,

FIRE: Is anybody...

MALE CALLER: She had no pulse, she wouldn't wake up.

FIRE: Is there anybody -- what is your name?

MALE CALLER: Reply is garbled.

FIRE: What is your name sir? What is your name?


FIRE: Anthony, we are coming to help you right now, is there 'anybody there that can go to her?

MALE CALLER: I can't go back there, I can't go see again, I can't.

FIRE: We've got help coming okay, we've got help coming to your house and then you can direct them to where she's at.


FIRE: We've got help coming to you. Who was she with?

MALE CALLER: She was walking alone on the trail.

FIRE: She was walking by herself to the trail?

MALE CALLER: She was alone on the trail.

FIRE: Where were you when she was walking on the trail?

MALE CALLER: Me and her just walked up to McKnight Market to see if it was open, then she said she was going to stay at a friends house and she would call or text me when she got there. But l never got it so I went to go and find her.

FIRE: Does she have any weapons on her?

MALE CALLER:No, she's not a violent person.

FIRE: Did you hurt her?

MALE CALLER: No I didn't, I just found her.

FIRE: Okay, we have help on the way right now. You're at ---- McKnight Road North?


FIRE: How long was she alone? She was alone by herself?

MALE CALLER: She left my house about an hour, hour and a half ago.

FIRE: Okay, alright, we do have help coming there.


911: Police, are you on the phone?

POLICE: Yeah I'm on the phone.

911: Okay, do you want to continue with questions?

POLICE: Yeah hi, this is the police okay? They are on their way right now, they should be there shortly okay?

911: Yeah (talking to someone in background).Hold on, hold on, don't' hang up I'm not going to hang up.


(Dispatcher off line hears heavy sobbing and heavy intakes of breath on phone).

FEMALE: Are they coming? (heard in background)

MALE: Yeah

POLICE: Okay, hi, what is your name honey.

MALE: Um, Anthon.

POLICE: Anthony, okay Anthony, she went there by herself?

MALE: Yeah, she went alone. I shouldn't have let her go alone.

POLICE: Why would she go there in the middle of the night by herself and take the trail?

MALE: She wanted to go over to her friend's house because one of her friends asked her to come over, called her and asked her to come over.

POLICE: Couldn't they have come and pick her up instead of walking through the trails? It's dangerous during the night.

MALE: I would have driven her but I didn't have my car.

POLICE: Oh, okay. So you just, you went looking for her -- you just found her under the tree right?

MALE: Yeah, I found her stuff scattered around and I was looking around.

POLICE: Oh l see, and we have no clue who could have done this to her, right?

MALE: No, I...

POLICE: Okay, tell me when the police are there and I can hang up, okay?

MALE: Okay.

POLICE: Okay hon. The police and the ambulance are on their way to you right now.

MALE: Okay

POLICE: You can show them to where she's at okay?

MALE: Okay

POLICE: Is it pretty far from your house?

MALE: No, kinda close.

POLICE: Close by, okay. They're driving there right now.

MALE: I see flashing lights.

POLICE: Okay, let me know when they're at the door.

(Sobbing continues)

MALE: They're here.

POLICE: They're there, okay honey l'll let you go okay. Bye Bye.



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