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John Wayne Gacy speaks: FOX 32 uncovers never-before-heard tapes

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CHICAGO (FOX 32 News) -

Serial killer John Wayne Gacy is believed to have murdered 33 young men back in the 1970's, but efforts to identify more victims are still underway, as is the effort to understand the killer's mind.

In the final weeks before Gacy's May 10th, 1994 execution, his attorneys recorded several phone calls with the serial killer. Most of the conversations concern legal strategy and are protected by attorney client privilege, but some portions can be made public. FOX 32 is uncovering those tapes for the first time.

19 years ago, Chicago attorney Karen Conti and her late husband Greg Adamski were working around the clock, filing last minute appeals for serial killer John Wayne Gacy,

"Wherever I go, people say, ‘How could you represent John Gacy?'" Conti tells FOX 32. "And the next question is, ‘Well, what was he like?' People say our appeals are frivolous. Nothing is frivolous when you're trying to save a life."

The part-time clown and one-time precinct captain killed 33 young men between 1972 and 1978--most of them by strangulation, hiding many of their bodies in the crawl space of his Northwest Side home.

On these tapes, Gacy is often heard complaining about media coverage, like asking why his lawyer's press conference two weeks before his execution made few headlines.

Tape recording:

Gacy: "How come there was so very little about your last news conference? You guys hold a news conference last Friday. Show me one article that appeared in the paper."

Conti: "Do you know what happened, John? Nixon died."

Adamski: "Richard Nixon died."

Gacy: "Nixon died, year. Nixon stole your thunder. What the hell are we going to have? Abe Lincoln die this week?"

Wisecracks like that one were common. At another point on the tape, Gacy tells a racy sexual joke.

Tape recording:

Gacy: "Did you hear the one about the doctor and the foreskins?"

Adamski: "No."

Gacy: "The doctor used to do all the circumcisions and he collected them."

Karen Conti said he knew many jokes.

"He actually was a very intelligent man," Conti says of Gacy. "He had a very good memory for things. He was very visual. He almost had like a photographic memory so you showed him something he knew where it was on the page. So he had just a memory for these jokes and they just kept coming out all the time."

Gacy wasn't joking, though, when he predicted his execution would not be delayed and he was done trying to get the media to tell his side of the story.

Tape recording:

Gacy: "I'm telling you right now what's going to happen and they'll go ahead with the execution on the 10th. Why? Because everybody is waiting for this last f-----g minute so everybody can make a g-d-----d f-----g killing off me. That's why I'm not going to give any more interviews either."

Adamski: "Okay."

Gacy: "F--- the media. They're going to print what they want."

Gacy also tells his attorneys it's time to stop. He calls it, "walking on marshmallows" and starts publicly ripping into the prosecutors who put him on death row.

Tape recording:

"What the f--- is this g-----n walking on marshmallows s---? You're a f-----g liar! Or kiss my ass --something like that. You've got to get out and be outspoken. These people are lying, they've lied to the public. They've lied about the identification of the bodies, they've lied about all of these things. But until somebody took the f-----g balls to get up and start f-----g calling these names and calling out these people, Gacy's got no credibility."

At one point, Gacy concludes that his supporters have just let him down.

Tape recording:

"It's all those little things that I watch because if the little things don't get done, how can you depend on anything that's big, like my life? I think I'm being sold down the river right now."

"That was the way he acted," Conti explains. "He was very accusatory. He was very, a blaming person. Blamed everybody for everything, except himself."

Conti agrees with Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart, that DNA samples and new databases could possibly turn up more Gacy victims. In the meantime, she still wonders whether some of the last words she heard from Gacy will ring true.

"Gacy told me, one of the last things he said to me, was, ‘Do you know that your obituary's going to read, "Karen Conti, represented John Wayne Gacy?'" Conti tells FOX 32 News. "And I said to him, ‘John, I don't' think I need a serial killer to enhance my reputation,' and he said, ‘Mark my words!'"

There's another spot where Gacy is talking about his last meal, and he says he ordered Maine lobster tails, but just to be stubborn, he's going to demand African lobster tails.

He ended up having a dozen deep-fried shrimps, a bucket of Kentucky Fried Chicken, french fries, and a pound of strawberries.

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